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e-commerce package Malaysia
Most people can't live without the Internet, laptop or smartphone? Everyone has a smartphone - While they're waiting, walking, talking, dancing, in the train, car, restaurant, toilet, almost anywhere. They just couldn't live without it!

For a commom retail shop, the demographic of your customers are limited to that small radius. If you have an online store, you'll have no boundaries - People could purchase your store products at any time and any where, because all they need is the Internet.

Our E-commerce package enables you to sell goods and services over the Internet. The simple steps of our package:

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  1. Create your online store
    MyCloud’s e-commerce web builder includes everything you need for your online store. With no technical experience needed, you can create your online store and start selling your wares in Malaysia and globally in no time.

  2. Upload your products
    We provide an easy-to-use user interface which enables you to upload, arrange and categorize your products efficiently.

  3. Payment gateway integration
    Don’t make it difficult for your customers to pay you! We integrate seamlessly with payment gateways such as PayPal and major local banks. Start accepting orders for your products on Day One!
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  1. Shipping rate setup
    You may set up the shipping rate based on your favorable charging method such as fixed-price, weight-based and location-based rates.

  2. Go live!
    Now you can start selling your products online! You can fully utilize the built-in social media marketing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus sharing button to advertise your online store. Start promoting your new e-commerce Malaysia store instantly.
How our E-Commerce package works:
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